Most of you start preparing for GATE Exam and now looking for good study material. Here in this article, we are going to share with you top 10 best GATE exam 2018 preparation books for CSE (Computer Science Engineering). In this article, we are also going to share with you gate CSE books suggested by toppers and gate 2018 CSE book in PDF format so that you can download these books on your phone or desktop and start preparing for your exam.

Top 10 Best GATE Exam 2018 Preparation Books for CSE (Computer Science Engineering)

Before suggesting the top best gate exam 2018 CSE (Computer science engineering) books, my advice for you guy is to go and find out some books for your interest and start solving the question from them. All books are good and they become best or top when some toppers suggest you special ones.

Below we are going to share with top best 10 books which can help you to crack the GATE 2018 exam easily.

Top 10 Best GATE Exam 2018 Preparation Books for CSE (Computer Science Engineering)

  1. GATE Guide Computer Science/Information Technology 2018 by GKP: You can get revised syllabus in this book and all necessary guide which can help you to crack the gate exam 2018.
  2. GATE Computer Science & Information Technology (26 Year’s Chapter-Wise Solved Paper) 2018: In this book, you can get chapter-wise solved paper which is very helpful. You can also get 1992 to 2017 solved papers which going to help a lot to understand which type of questions comes in GATE exam.
  3. Arihant GATE TUTOR 2018 Computer Science & Information Technology
  4. TOC and compilers (Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools) written by J.D Ullman.
  5. Database Management Systems – DBMS written by Kort
  6. Computer Algorithms written by Ellis Horowitz
  7. Operating Systems Concepts (OS) written by Peter Baer Galvin
  8. Data Communications and Networking written by Behrouz A. Forouzan
  9. Digital Logic & Computer Design written by Morris Mano
  10. Previous GATE papers (Question papers only) written by GK Publications

Download Free GATE Exam 2018 Preparation Books in PDF for CSE

Here we are also going to share with how you can download GATE Exam 2018 preparation book in PDF format for computer science easily and free.

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Recently IIT Roorkee announced the GATE Online Application Form 2017 fill-up dates. Now you can fill the GATE form online of GATE exam. According to the news, GATE exam is scheduled on 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th February 2017 at all centers of all over the India.

GATE Online Applications Form 2017

As we all know that this GATE exam is conduct for the admission to M.Tech and M.E. in IITs, NITs and GFTIs and many private Universities. If any candidate has good score this exam, that candidate get the admission in reputed colleges and universities. This time, GATE Exam 2017 is going to organize by the IIT Roorkee.

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering; this is all India level exam and candidates who crack this exam, are able to understand and having good knowledge of engineering material and technology undergraduate.

Every year GATE is organized by different IITs. There is list of 7 IITs which organized this test:

  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Roorkee

This exam is organized by Ministry of Human resource development (MHRD), Government of India and National Coordination Board-GATE, Department higher education.

Register for GATE Online Application Form 2017

Register for GATE Online Applications Form 2017

How to Apply for GATE Exam 2017

  • Click on Register Button which mentioned above
  • After that official website of online register of GATE Exam open on your computer
  • Now you have entered your details.

Things that you needed while register GATE Exam Online Form 2017 is given below:

List Of GATE Papers with their Corresponding Code

  • Chemistry (CY)
  • Electronics & Communication Engg (EC)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • Ecology and Evolution (EY)
  • Geology and Geophysics (GG)
  • Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
  • Mathematics (MA)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Mining Engineering (MN)
  • Metallurgical Engineering (MT)
  • Physics (PH)
  • Aerospace Engg (AE)
  • Agricultural Engg (AG)
  • Architecture & Planning (AR)
  • Biotechnology (BT)
  • Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Chemical Engineering (CH)
  • Com. Sci & Information Tech (CS)
  • Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)
  • Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)
  • Engineering Sciences (XE)*
  • Life Sciences (XL)

XE Paper Sections Code

  • Engg Mathematics (Compulsory) A
  • Fluid Mechanics B
  • Materials Science C
  • Solid Mechanics D
  • Thermodynamics E
  • Polymer Science and Engineering F
  • Food Technology G

XL Paper Sections Code

  • Chemistry (Compulsory) H
  • Biochemistry I
  • Botany J
  • Microbiology K
  • Zoology L
  • Food Technology M

Application Fee of GATE Exam 2017:

  • For General and OBC Candidates – Rs. 1500
  • For Women candidates – Rs. 750/-
  • For SC/ST Candidates – Rs. 750/-

Below we are going to share with you some important link which is very helpful to you:

GATE NETworks is one of the most reputed for GATE Exam Coaching in Chandigarh and Ludhiana. You can also contact GATE NETworks for Computer Science GATE coaching. Contact Numbers are +918437800990 , +919872834590.

If you still have any question regarding Register for GATE Online Application Form 2017, you can comment in comment box.

UGC NET Exam Result July 2016: CBSE is going to declare UGC-NET Exam July 2016 result in October 2016. You can check the result from our website and office CBSE website; the link is given below:

CBSE UGC-NET Exam Result July 2016

UGC NET Exam Result July 2016 Details

NET Exam is successfully held on 10th July 2016. Most of you very curious to know about the cutoff marks list of July UGC-NET exam, you can get cut off marks list from official website and you can also detail cut off marks list from below.

CBSE UGC NET Exam Result July 2016

About NET Exam: A large number of candidates applied for July 2016 NET exam which was held on 10th July 2016. NET stands for National Eligibility Test. The University Grand Commission organizes this exam. NET exam determines the eligibility of candidates for universities and college level lectureship and for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) award. The NET exam also determines the candidates are eligible for assistant professor and any Indian universities and colleges. The aim of this exam is to ensure that candidate has minimum standards of teaching as professor and research person.

About UGC: UGC stands for University Grants Commission, which was formed by Government of India in 28th June 1953. Their main headquarter is situated in New Delhi. This department is controlled and owned by the department of higher education, Ministry of Human Resource Development. University Grants Commission provides the affiliation of various universities and colleges and also monitor and manage their working.

Best UGC NET Exam Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh

CBSE UGC NET Exam Result July 2016 Declared

The result of UGC NET July 2016 Exam is not announced yet. CBSE planned to announce the result in October 2016.

Click here to check CBSE UGC NET Exam Result July 2016

You can also share your numbers and email address in the comment section, so that we can notify you that UGC-NET Exam Result July 2016 is declared.

In students life, Education is an exceptionally various and featured topic which involves analysis from a vast range of references and sources to many specified topics on training programs and career paths. You will find some sources online or from coaching institutes that may help in offering detailed data about such educational training programs.

gate coaching in chandigarh

Due to the desperate need of raising on a large scale amongst company for skilled workers are increased in students mind. Nowadays, all over the world, people believe that Coaching institutes are rebuilding their stable base and in some ways it’s true.

There are some universities in Chandigarh and graduated candidates, who are tempted to learn new things and become chefs, mechanics, computer science expert, graphic artists, technical engineers, nurses and many more courses. The present generation of candidates who wants to make their career in top universities and enters the labor force for getting training and coaching with a degree on hand but mostly they have lacked the technical skills that are necessary to stay one step ahead of other people without having any on the job training.

Those who are very much educated in their field either Computer or Electronics of expertise may have obtained huge good quality education from courses and books, as well as received a chance to work for the job which they had learned in a work environment through good coaching institutes. These coaching institutes have knowledgeable staff and good study material and are responsible to making students confident in their study by providing result oriented study in their field. Its necessary that students should get coaching related to their field only.

To get a job in government sector or done your post graduation in your dream college and university, you need to crack any of competitive exams like GATE, UGC-NET, IES, AIEEE or PSUs. Many companies and institutes in Chandigarh provide result oriented GATE coaching in Chandigarh. In this way, the coaching institutes now realize their gains significance quickly.

The Faculty of institutes is specialized to teach both generic and specialized skills by providing various strategies and tactics to solving maths and other problems of the students. The jobs requirements are also rising in students mind because their parents think there is no career in private jobs. To do so, students needs to beat at least one competitive exam and make sure before attempting exam you are prepared for that.

To Get admitted for a PHD program in top Government Universities in India will require you to crack the UGC NET exam. The national eligibility and qualification Test is conducted by the University Grants Commission for students applying to the post graduate (PHD) program. Even those who wanting to apply for jobs in the Government universities/colleges will also need to clear this exam. UGC Net exam considered to be one of the toughest exams in its category, this requires thorough preparation and persistence. However, this does not make it a difficult task. In fact, with a little preparation and a few of the below-mentioned tips/tricks, you can actually simplify the task of preparing for the exam:


1. Perceive the Exam Pattern:

This is one of the basic steps wherein you need to understand or perceive the pattern of the exam paper prior to preparing your techniques to clear it, To do this, simply start your study by analyzing a few papers from the last few years. You can also refer to the UGC NET coaching institutes that much beneficial for you and helps to solve the problems. Mainly, these exam paper is divided into three parts.

2. Choose a Good UGC NET Coaching Institute:

We are not saying that you can’t prepare for UGC NET without demanding external help from anyone. However, if you are weak in Few areas, we strongly recommend you to seek guidance from a reputed coaching center i.e. Gate Networks, a top coaching center providing Best GATE coaching in Chandigarh. Thanks to their expert staff and latest teaching techniques, you will be able to develop the efficiency of your learning even when the subject is complex.

3. Make a Study Schedule:

If you are preparing for GATE and UGC Net exam, make sure you follow to a schedule. This study program should cover the number of hours that you need to put in your study, the subject wise focus as well as doubt solving with the help of an institute or a friend. Yes! It is important to dedicate a few hours to doubt solving on a regular basis so that you get rid of queries and when they arise instead of gather them for later.

4. Strategics and Revision:

This is the last and final phase wherein you have to work out the strategy to be implemented while answering the papers of your UGC NET/GATE exams. Also, remember to amendment/revise your concepts on a regular basis. This will also help in increase your learning. Avoid investing energies in new concepts especially when you are in the last phase of your preparation else it could lead to a harmful turn of events.

To know more about UGC Net Coaching in Chandigarh, please Visit our website.

GATE coaching in Chandigarh

The most effective method of studying in a way that it creates the right environment through top best coaching institutes in Chandigarh. Sometimes students are more interested in online coaching process which has a study material, Coaching CDs, test-paper questions and much more. But they never know the study is not completed without good guidance.

If you join a coaching institute, the faculty is responsible for providing best study material on time to all their students. This is to ensure that the study material with all related data is taken seriously and with proper force to the students. A student who is studying in India’s top colleges and universities like IITs, NITs needs proper guidance and mental strength for better living.

There are numerous UGC Net Coaching institutes in Chandigarh which offer to coach for the preparation of engineering entrance examination especially for admission in top Ph.D. colleges. These coaching centers are very critical about their candidates because they want to have a maximum result for the entrance exam.

Coaching institutes are affordable and better studying ground for students. GATE and UGC Net Coaching is one of the most important coachings for a student aspiring for IITs, NITs and others. A great way to study is to sit with friends in a classroom rather than study in your room and listen to the lectures by the expert lecturer. Studying in a classroom helps in taking revisions of what is taught in your syllabus.

The one of the big advantage to get coaching from a coaching institute is students can clarify all doubts through regular test series, and this is the best way the student keeps learning and revising as well. One main point is that all the lectures should be taken seriously by faculty members because they are the basis of learning and preparing. Coaching institutes are proved best for those who can’t be able to study alone.

GATE is a very tough exam for every engineer and needs proper counseling. There are many institutes in India, not even Chandigarh that provides GATE coaching in Chandigarh. The students have to keep a check on their attachment because they are great distracters in success. A good student can curb all types of things which might alter in the process of a person. Then the right way do GATE, and UGC Net preparation is joining a coaching institute that best suit you.

We are at Gate Networks provides the best GATE and UGC Net Coaching in Chandigarh, Sector 34- A, as well as telling you the best tips to beat other engineering entrance exams.

As the environment of education keeps intensifying its prospect throughout abundant dimensions; challenges and competitions from numerous fields also developed from one level to more highly standards of education. Aspirants who want to shine and serve their country are very much on their verge to take a step that would mold them flawlessly in facing any challenge that would support out in mounting education aspects of the country as well as the whole world. To make these aspirants reach their targeted destinations, many good coaching centers and institutes are flourished with well-equipped technology, well-educated staff, information’s and supervision to sharpen their brains and qualify various examinations of the country.

There are numerous outstanding UGC Net computer science coaching in Chandigarh based upon various academic fields and respective services. Coming to the field of engineering, there is countless improvement in the number of applications pouring in from complete parts of the nation for UGC Net and GATE etc. to get admitted into the top engineering colleges for further studies.

By this, all things are clear that engineering discipline is not running out of track. It keeps on advancing with the proceeding years. To drive students success in pursuing this dynamic field, GATE coaching institutes are making their best way to provide proper guidance, strategic study plans, relevant study materials and perfect information to the students with solved papers and conduct mock tests to prepare them to face any exam pattern with esteem.

For students who have supreme interest in PHD and M.Tech also have the golden opportunity to clear those exams like UGC NET and GATE etc. Here, Technical Knowledge & Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability are the three basic segments that applied in these examinations to scrutinize only the eligible candidates. There are more worthy Gate coaching institutes in Chandigarh, and one of the best is Gate Networks, at here we are providing GATE coaching and UGC Net coaching for computer science and IT Students.

At the end, we suggest to crack every competitive exam its better do a bit of tough research on the internet, you must select any suitable educational coaching institute. These institutes are providing tutorial classes, relevant education, experienced staff and friendly environment that will help such candidate individuals amazingly to fulfill their goal based on educational qualification with hope and confidence.

Gate is a Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an All-India Examination administered that primarily tests an extensive perception of various undergraduate subjects in Engineering and Technology, and it conducted across the country. The gate scores are mainly used after the completion of graduation for admission to post graduations programmers like M.Tech and PHD in IITs, NITs and all other Indian Higher Education institutes.

Here at GATE NETworks we share some reasons to why you need to choose our coaching institute to crack your GATE as well as other exams.

1. Knowledgeable Staff:

For gate exams you can find an experienced staff anywhere at coaching institutes but at Gate Networks we strongly believe that the heart of any successful education enterprise is its esteemed teaching resources like professors, guides, and faculty, etc. So make sure to choose the best coaching institute wherever you want.

2. Consistent Course Curriculum:

The mission and main motive of any coaching institute are to proper knowledge and educate students in their fields like science, technology, and engineering by providing gate coaching in Chandigarh. We are providing systematic, consistent and well- coordinated course curriculum to the students of engineering and technology in Chandigarh.

3. Relevant study material:

Nowadays, the all competitive exams are tough to crack, So it’s necessary to change the study material as well as you can like to join the coaching institutes that is near to you. We are at our coaching center provide thoroughly revised, updated and relevant study material to the students of Computer Science and IT in Chandigarh, Sector 34-A.

4. Tireless efforts of the Experts:

Today it’s important to have a highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty who not only help you to crack your exams but also helps to increase your knowledge in your stream.

5. Performance through Test Series:

The regular tests are more important for every student so that they check their performance and prepare themselves. The regular assessment of performance through test series by coaching institutes help and motivate the students to study more in their fields.

Learn best ways to focus on competitive exams and score more in the crowd. Be always exam ready with Gate Networks.

Coaching classes are now days become an important element of a student’s life. While the old debate of joining the coaching centers or not still continues but one cannot deny the usefulness of them. Especially when to talk about competitive exams, one has to realize the value of such institutions having capabilities to shape the future of aspirants joining them. They make them ready to fight any number of battles with confidence and strength. As human brain is just similar to any other machine which works on the principle pumping the oil, therefore human brain also needs pumping in the form of special coaching classes to work faster in these exams. Competitive exams are meant for the purpose of judging abilities and hence filter a group of students that has proven excellence. Simply mugging up the study materials is however not enough but a quick strategic approach works better in these battles. Therefore the scenario calls for a rapid action plan.  We at gate networks are ready to give the perfect layout for intense preparation.  Following advantages will enroll you to join gate networks institute.


To Understand Pattern Of Examination

Gate network is having highly qualified, experienced faculty members who have been in this field long enough to analyze the patterns of questions comes over the years.

Rich Study Material

Joining any of the coaching institution or gate networks Chandigarh enable you to get fully solved study material and handouts to keep with you so that you can read them anytime. A large section comprises of practice exercises to speed up your skills.

Problem-Solving Sessions

Often problem came when doing something for the very first time; the same case happens to the students who tries to prepare themselves. But joining an institution will add the advantage by problem-solving sessions. Difficult chapters are more often discussed while neglecting the least important ones. Scoring subjects and topics are discussed at a glance to make you exam ready.

Special Seminars For Weak Students

At Gate Networks, there is a provision of special seminars for some of the week students who find it difficult to cope up with the competition. GATE coaching for computer science engineering as well as for other branches is available.

Ambiance That Boosted Up

Meeting fellow candidates at coaching centers help to build confidence and also sharing of ideas happen that time which creates a positive environment throughout. Students can realize their strengths and weaknesses this way.


Last but not the least fee structure is the main concern of the parents of all the students. We, Gate Networks Chandigarh is, therefore, the best-suited option having affordable fee structure with the combination of best knowledge gaining hub. We are always happy to help student achieving their goals!

Contact Us


SCO – 371-373
2nd floor
(Above Punjab & Sind Bank)
Sector – 34 A,  Chandigarh

Phone no:- 08437800990




Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering acronym gate is one of the toughest exams ever known to get an admission into the postgraduate program after completing bachelors in engineering. It needs all your sweat and blood to compete well with the rising competition these days.

Scoring high in GATE entrance examination is the only way to enter into the highly reputed institutes such as IIT ‘S, IISC AND NIT. It is a very common saying that hard work always pays higher returns. But in these types of deadly battles like GATE where the competition grows every day, and the high number of candidates appears every year, it is not enough to work hard, but one has to work smart to get better results. And for that utmost knowledge and success, one always requires the proper path to follow which gives not only right direction but also fruitful. So it is best to join coaching institutes which expertise concepts in small time following easy to learn methods and quick techniques. Choosing a local coaching center is a good choice, but sometimes it becomes necessary to go to other cities in search of good learning hub.

The name which is best suited for all the necessities of aspirants and has also offered other important updates timely is Gate Networks situated in Chandigarh. If you are living in Chandigarh, then you should go for Gate Network because it is situated exactly in the middle and also it is reachable from every part of the city. It is well reputed guiding institution where students can enjoy multiple benefits apart from getting only coaching. Moreover, the fee structure is also very reasonable and affordable as compared to other institutes located in the same city. The coaching program covers all engineering subjects and lays more emphasis on scoring subjects. The probability of frequently asked questions is also kept in mind while teaching the topics in the classroom.

Students have already started preparations for GATE 2015. Most of them include final year students of bachelor’s degree course and others are last year candidates, didn’t get success in cracking the exam or may not get good marks for whatever reasons. But the real and only goal of all of them is to crack the exam with all efforts and strengths they have. Gate Networks provides all the information regarding post-graduate program under one roof.

One must ensure the eligibility conditions, syllabus and other formalities once while filling up the form. Study material also plays a vital role in preparation. So it is essential to prepare a particular timetable which includes all the parameters of related topics and to follow the same while studying without wasting even a single minute. Hard preparations and Gate Network forms the best combination to crack the exam in a single go. Don’t think so much. Get an admission now.